Event Calendar Criteria

All events on this site meet the following criteria:

  • It must be a public event that is open to anyone in the community. (Some events are free, some are paid, but they cannot be exclusive.)
  • Events must occur in the town of Yorktown or should specifically be focused to residents of Yorktown & the Yorktown Community School district.
  • In order to keep the calendar manageable for users, events should be a special event and not a standard or regular occurrence for an organization.


This website is managed by the Town of Yorktown, Indiana to help foster community interactions and togetherness that are key to a great small town way of life. 

While a key function of this is to better communicate residential activities and events that are organized or sponsored by the Town of Yorktown, some events are organized by other organizations and individuals who wish to serve our community. It is the responsibility of each individual to ensure the safety of themselves and their family when participating. Check the organizer information section of each event card in order to identify leadership and connect with event leaders for further information. 

  • Events with a Green Label are programs of the Town of Yorktown
  • Events with an Orange Label are sponsored by the Town of Yorktown
  • Events with a Black Label are community organized Events