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We invite organizations and individuals in and around Yorktown to to create and submit events that are relevant to the community and to be displayed at!

Required Event Criteria

Events will only be posted by using the form provided on this page (available August, 2022). Submissions that are incomplete or contain numerous typos will be marked as spam and not published; be thorough, be clear. Please use the notes below to prepare to publicize your event.

  • No Exclusive Events – Your event must be a public event that is open to anyone in the community. You can charge entry, but anyone (with exceptions for age appropriateness) should be welcome.
  • Yorktown Focused – Events must occur in the town of Yorktown or should be specifically for residents of Yorktown & the Yorktown Community School district.
  • Special Events – In order to keep the calendar manageable for users, we cannot post regular organizational meetings such as a weekly boy scout meeting. However, a callout meeting & signup day for that scout troop would be a welcome event.
  • Organizer Contact Info – The organizer of the event must provide a valid email for potential guests to contact. 
  • No Private Residence Events – Events must be hosted at an organization or public space. 
  • Generally Appropriate – Regardless of audience expectations, all event content on this site must be generally appropriate for all ages to view.
  • Adult Submissions Only – Only adults, ages 18 and older can submit an event.

Request To Create New Events

To create events, you must first request to create an account. Once approved, you will be able to login to this site and create draft submissions which must be approved by a human. 

In efforts of safety, in order to create events that will be accessible to the public, we will confirm your request by: (option 1) contacting a local organization/business, (option 2) through a social media profile that reveals connections in and around the Town of Yorktown, Indiana.

Please allow 2-3 business days.

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